Jafer’s creative department was established to help foster ideas and support our clients through strategic thinking, creative insight, and consultation workshops specializing in branding and design. We remain at our clients’ side throughout their creation process, from the initial proposal to final execution.



At Jafer, we are well-acquainted with branding, and we understand the importance of creating powerful brand stories that captivate consumers. Our commitment is to provide our clients with a strategic, creative branding proposal through a 360 approach. This strategy encompasses all aspects of concept creation, from the naming to the narrative, and visual identity, to legal advice on brand registration.

Creativity & Design


Innovation and sustainability are the paths of differentiation, and design is the way to transform these factors into reality. At Jafer, we create innovative product designs with a sustainable edge, always keeping the consumer in mind.

Our multidisciplinary team of creatives offers a comprehensive service, delivering support in all design and concept creation areas. From assistance in art direction and visual content to the functionality and aesthetics with 3D prototypes, we provide a service that reflects the true identity of our client's brand.

We provide product design, art management and visual content services as an instrument assuring and strengthening the brand’s consistency.

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